NutrientCraft will help you design an optimal diet to meet your daily nutrient requirements

. Simply build a list of food and let NutrientCraft algorithm balance quantities of the food from your list to best fit your target diet.

Some uses for NutrientCraft


I was inspired by Rob Rhinehart’s soylent experiment

in which he claims to have stopped eating food by consuming only the ingredients the body requires. From his blog, “There are no meats, fruits, vegetables, or breads here... I researched every substance the body needs to survive.. and purchased all of them in nearly raw chemical form from a variety of sources.”

I like the idea of 100% efficiency, however Rob’s approach is too extreme for me. There is, for example, the possibility that nutritional science is incomplete or the that the production of the raw nutrients is flawed. I wanted something in between a traditionally healthy diet and a futuristic nutrient goo.

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